Monday, 28 April 2014

More Guns & a couple of wagons for 1680s-'90s (or even WSS)

Very pleased with how these came out. The gun positions are better than the one I did a while back for my own collection!


  1. I have just received in the post the 2 guns and their accompanying wagons + the infantry Rgt which Paul has painted for me (Churchill's foot for Williams army)
    I would just like to say a big WOW! These figures are just brilliant and Paul's painting style is a joy to behold, much better even than the photo's.
    I don't know how he manages such facial detail on 28mm figures but his work certainly compliments the Front Rank figures.
    The 2 large guns "Guns of position" , are based for "Beneath the Lilly banners" rules and the wagons and equipment bases slot in behind the guns to give an overall effect of action.
    Paul also hand painted 25 flags for me as I hate paper flags, and Paul paints directly onto linen. Some of the flags for this period are quite intricate and detailed and he has faithfully re-produced even the most complicated of them.

    You will gather from this that I am more than pleased with Paul's work. so if you are looking for a painter for your next wargame commission I would certainly recommend trying his work.
    Mike Wall
    (wargamer for over 45 years)

    1. Thank you Mike. I wish you many victories with them!